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Where to buy crab claw meat in your area is quite easy since claw meat available year round and can be found at supermarket or grocery stores as pasteurized crab claw meat. The claw meat is economical alternative of fresh crab meat and they are also the cheapest grades of crab meat. Just like the name applies, the crab claw meat taken from the crab claws with strong flavor and pinkish brown meat rather than white meat. Crab claw meat is good for dips with sauces or melted butter. They are also having appeal appearance when served as elegant dishes.
Understanding crab claw meat product
Claw crab meat is picked from the swimming fins of the live crab. Since the crabs are known to have ability to regenerate their claws, sometime the fishermen caught the crabs by hand and then cut their one claw only. After that, the crabs are thrown again back to the ocean waters. This is called sustainable harvest method which ensures to keep the availability of the crab stock in abundant amount. Crab claw meat is also available from many crab species and thus when you want to buy crab claw meats, you need to ask the supplier first about what species the crab claw meat sold by them.
Just like we already explained above, the crab claw meat has strong flavor and so they are great for recipes which using heavy sauces, dips, and soups. Their flavor is still going through even when you mix them with other seasonings or ingredients. There are two variety of crab claw meat available in the market:
1.      Claw crab meat with shell
2.      Claw crab meat without shell
The claw crab meat can be sold still with their un-removed shell for appearance wise and thus you still need to take out them from the claws or just simply cook them all and when ready to be consumed, you can remove it. However, the claw crab meat is also being sold without its shell so they are easier to be consumed. Crab claw supplier is where to buy crab claw meat online and offline.
Where to buy crab claw meat?
You can buy crab claw meat at supermarket or grocery stores, that’s the easiest way to find for fresh, frozen, or pasteurized crab claw meat. The crab claw meat has nice texture and sometime the factories left the pincer of the claw still attached on the claw meat to make it looks elegant or for appearance only. There are varieties of crab claw meat available in the market:
1.      Fresh crab claw meat
This unpasteurized and unfrozen crab claw meat so they have the shorter shelf life than both frozen and pasteurized claw meat. The fresh crab claw meat packed inside plastic bag and then displayed on top of ice packs to prevent them going spoilage for awhile. Buying fresh crab claw meat is meaning that you should use the claw crab meat quickly after buy it. Fresh seafood market or supermarkets in fresh seafood section is where to buy claw crab claw meat.
2.      Frozen crab claw meat
Frozen crab meat is good alternative for fresh crab meat that available year round unlike fresh crab meat which is seasonal. The claw meat is packed inside air tight plastic bag or frozen canned crab claw meat and they have longer shelf life than fresh crab claw meat thanks to the speed frozen process of fresh crab claw meat when they are caught. Frozen crab claw meat can be found easily at supermarkets or grocery stores right at frozen seafood display. If you cannot find local crab claw meat near you are then online shopping is where to buy crab claw meat as well. Here is what you need to look for when buying frozen crab claw meat at stores:
-          Buy frozen crab claw meat with perfect plastic wrap or cans and if you spot some damaged on their package then do not buy it.
-          Check for some sigs like ice burn or ice crystal on top of the product and if you spot such sign then do not buy it.
-          Buy frozen crab claw meat which has been stored in the right temperature so they must have hard meat texture. You need to touch and check them directly.
-          If you spot any discoloration of the crab claw meat then avoid buying it.
Where to buy crab claw meat frozen if you cannot find locally? You can always get them from online crab suppliers just like we already mentioned before.
3.      Pasteurized crab claw meat
Pasteurized crab claw meat is packed inside cans, glass jar, and plastic bag. They have the longest shelf life compared with fresh and frozen unpasteurized crab claw meat. They are cooked with high temperature so the heated pressured process can kill all the bacteria in the crab meat which makes the meat safe and edible plus make the shelf life become longer.
Pasteurized crab claw meat is the cheapest qualities of pasteurized crab meat including jumbo lumps, back find, and special crab meat. Most of the pasteurized crab claw meat is ready to be consumed since they are all cooked to cut preparing and cooking time. Of course you can still use them to any recipes which you like to try. The pasteurized crab claw meat is also easy to be found. You can visit supermarkets, grocery stores, retailers, distributors, or online suppliers since they are place of where to buy crab claw meat.
Why you should eat crab claw meat?
 There are many reasons of why it is okay for you to buy crab claw meat:
-          They are cheaper alternative of fresh crab claw meat and even crab in a whole.
-          They are good for many recipes that focusing on the appeal appearance.
-          They are available year round and easy to be found.
-          They are very versatile.
-          They are can be as good as fresh crab meat depends on how they are handled.
You can buy crab claw meat near you are or online shopping since it is where to buy crab claw meateasily.

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Where to buy crab claw meat  in your area is quite easy since claw meat available year round and can be found at supermarket or grocery stor...

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