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Crab production by country date can be used to help you find the top crab producers in the world when you want to look for certain exporter. It is true that each year, the crab production can reach metric tons or even billions of crab in sold in the seafood market. The market includes variety of crab species that can be found around the world as well as many types of crab products. The crab is consumed annually and thus crab is categorized as one of the most important trade commodity in fishing industry. The crab that sold can be sourced from crab farming or aquaculture and wild caught from the ocean.

Crab production by country
Crab production by country for the largest crab exporters in the world including China, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and many more. These countries offer crab that caught wildly out of the ocean as well as aquaculture that supply the crab from farms. As for the species, there are certain popular crab species sold in the market such as blue swimming crabs, snow crabs, flower crabs, mud crabs, horse crabs, brown crabs, and Dungeness crabs. Each of the species provide over than 20,000 tonnes per year in the seafood industry around the world.
It is true that due to the high market demand of crab and to prevent over caught and exploitation of crab population. Crab farming has been conducted since long ago especially in Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, and so on. This farmed crab used to supply the high market demand of crab, although wild caught crab remains superior in the industry.
Variety crab production by country
China is probably the largest swamp and mud crab producers followed by Indonesia and Philippine as well as Myanmar, India, and Vietnam. Variety crab production by country for mud species is quite large. The mud crab is sold as fresh and alive crab except for soft shell mud crab.
The mud crab and any other species of crabs are sold in live condition across the country to various customers including restaurants, hotels, end users, and exporters. The fishermen catch the mud crab alive out of the ocean or the farmers harvest the farmed crab and deliver them to their clients. Most of the customers that like to export crab from outside of their country will try to bulk order the crab in more affordable price than when buying locally.
Crab production by country prices
The highest valued crab in the market is probably the female and matured crab. Meanwhile the lowest price of crab is those that already lost their claws or legs. In conclusion crabs with missing body parts usually can be purchased in lower price. However, crabs that lost their body parts as well as lean crabs are usually marketed locally than using them as export import commodity. It is because many countries need to keep the high quality standard when dealing with importers. The live crabs from Asian countries are exported mostly to America and Europe. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, etc. are also on the importer lists that like to buy crabs from other countries especially for the mud crab species.
For soft shell crab, the price is literally depends on the quality and condition of the crab as well the size of the crab. The most expensive crabs are those that can reach more than 200 grams while lowest soft shell crabs are those who already lost their chelipeds regardless of their size and also those who have slightly hardened shell. The soft shell crab is usually marketed locally or exported into several countries like Japan, America, Singapore, Korea, and Europe countries.
Finding trusted crab exporter guides
After you already gained some information regarding crab production by country then it is the time for you to find out some guides to find trusted crab exporter. It is true that there are many top crab producers in the world which might be make you confuse when you want to find the good one.
Crab is exported via air cargo and stored in proper storage to make sure they are safely arrived at the destinations. There are many variety product of crab such as:
-          Fresh and live whole crab
-          Frozen crab in a whole
-          Soft shell crab
-          Crab meats, etc.

The variety product of crab can be purchased through crab exporters. However, it is important that the exporter ensure the safety of their product before really offering them to the customers.
When you want to find trusted crab production, here are some of the guides which you can follow such as:
1.      Try to look for crab production by country data to find out which country that can able to supply you large amount of crab based on the crab species. It is important because such data can list which country has the most stock for certain species.
2.      After you list some potential countries that you might want to contact later. You need to do research about what kind of crab harvesting practice conducted in the said countries. Different country will have different regulation and this will affect the safety of the product as well as their qualities. For example, if you want to get wild caught crab only then try to look for sustainable countries with the largest wild caught crab production.
3.      After you are done doing some research then you need to start to search for some suppliers in the selected countries. It is better to select more than one supplier and better to pick crab companies that already run in the business quite a long time with good track record.
4.      Mud crab production by country as well as other species will help you to find out which the cheapest suppliers. It will give you more economical option when choosing crab suppliers.
5.      Contact the suppliers once you finally decide from who you want to place an order. Before that, you can send buyer’s quotation to find out whether the dealers can really dealing with your requirement.
Crab production by country data can surely help you to find the best crab supplier in the world.

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Crab production by country date can be used to help you find the top crab producers in the world when you want to look for certain exporter...

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